5655 Thompson Rd. Dewitt, NY 13214

Art teacher Mrs. Susan Fix attended OCC and SUNY at Oswego. She worked at Modern Kitchens of Syracuse as a designer then become an Art Teacher at Hillbrook Detention Center in Syracuse.
The interaction with the children at Hillbrook made her realize her love for teaching Art. She continued her education at SUNY Oswego and received her Master’s Degree in Affective Education, while starting a teaching position in the Syracuse City School District. For seven years and while teaching, she served as Superintendent of the Art and Photography Exhibit at The Great New York State Fair. It was in this capacity that the importance of displaying children’s art publicly became clear to her.
Mrs. Fix also opened the Funky Rose Art and gift gallery and The Museum of Young Art where she also held Art Programs and displayed local students’ art work. Most recently, Mrs. Fix retired from the Liverpool School District to pursue her own art. Being offered the position as the Art Teacher at the SHDS has allowed her to continue her love for teaching with a dedicated family of educators in an amazing learning environment. Sharing her love of art with students, and continuing her own art and fashion career are gifts.